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Cluso First Article Inspection System Visual Inspection
Cluso First Article Inspection System Visual Inspection
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Cluso Vision Systems
For more information on Cluso Vision Systems as well as informative article and information on First Article Insopection. 
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Cluso is a production engineering, quality assurance and set up tool

  • Cluso is the first system that integrates and automates several functions normally covered by three functional areas. And, it does so in a cost-effective, systematic, and mistake-free manner.
  • Cluso is extremely easy to use and requires virtually no setup or maintenance, and no programming.
  • Cluso is a cost reduction tool.
  • In a phrase, it is... 

  Automated Production Engineering 


  • Cluso is not an AOI machine.
  • Cluso is a set-up tool, not an online, production inspection system (although it works quite well as an inspection sampling tool!)
  • Cluso is not a high-dollar piece of capital equipment that will take years to show payback.
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Cluso System

Introducing Automated Production Engineering / First Article Inspection 

Cluso is the first to Integrate and Automate :


  • Documentation Control
  • First Article Inspection
  • QA Records and Archiving
The Cluso Automated Production Engineering (APE) system is the first production tool to provide cost-effective, 100% inspection of first article boards without time-consuming programming. This unique system combines existing CAD, BOM and pick and place mount data with a high resolution scanned image of the board to ensure first article assembiles and documentation are accurate – before entering production. Production personnel can simply step through each part to ensure the proper part, orientation and placement location are achieved. A typical board can be inspected in less than 30 minutes, greatly reducing production down time and eliminating downstream defects.
Cluso Benefits:
  • Greatly reduces time to 100% inspect PCB
  • Easy to use, requires little training
  • Utilizes existing CAD and BOM files
  • Virtually eliminates production defects due to placement errors
  • Reduces placement machine idle time
  • Creates archive/traceability reports and files
  • Offers RAPID RETURN ON INVESTMENT – often in weeks or months, not years.
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This graph represents actual data obtained at a Major CEM in Sydney, Australia. The first PCB inspected was performed manually. The second was inspected using the Cluso system. The third was using the Cluso system and sample data within the Cluso system, this would represent a subsequent run inspection at a user that has the Cluso system.


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